February 26th, 2011

What is Hypermedia in Today’s World

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Hypermedia is a way of presenting related information together by using hyperlinks to connect them in a format which is usually non-linear and interactive. Hypermedia is often confused with the term multimedia. However, while hypermedia is a type of multimedia, all forms of multimedia are not necessarily hypermedia. For example, the internet is a good example of hypermedia whereas a film is standard multimedia because it does not have hyperlinks.

There are many ways that hypermedia can be made using programming tools.

Programs link various data together from internal variables and external files.  Some of the most common software programs for entertainment purposes are Adobe Flash, Macromedia Authorware, and Adobe Director. Visual FoxPro and FileMaker Developer, on the other hand, are popular for business-related hypermedia.

Many data files and business software now also have the included hypermedia possibilities by allowing hyperlinking features. For example, Microsoft Office will now allow for external hyperlinks to be included in documents.  Hyperlinking ability can also be found in many other software programs and tools such as CD/DVD authoring, HTML editors, Microsoft Powerpoint, and many presentation programs.

Hypermedia has been studied in regards to learning. Some psychologists claim that hypermedia resembles the brain’s structure more closely than printed text.  There are also theories about learning and hypermedia such as that hypermedia gives a more controlled learning environment and that hypermedia may also level the playing field for students of different learning abilities as well as making a more collaborative learning experience.

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