December 10th, 2010

Evolution and Impact of Media and its Forms

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Even though the term media is often used in conjecture to mass media or news media, media can be any medium which is used for communication. In fact, the earliest form of media was actually during caveman times when they drew paintings in caves. Keep in mind that media refers to communication through artificial means, not natural ones such as body gestures or speech.

The term Media may have to do with the Persian Empire’s conquest of the city Media in 550 BC because, after the conquest, the Persians devised a postal system. This early postal system was used for collecting taxes, making decisions, and other forms of communication using couriers.

Media is considered so important to culture that some historians have grouped civilizations based on the type of communication they used such as writing, printing, electronic recording, broadcasting, and computer communications. The idea behind this grouping is that media affects how the people of a culture perceive themselves and others.

In modern times, electronic media has greatly shaped society and had a huge impact on the way people communicate. Analogue media such as telephones, radios and TV broadcasts led to digital media such as computer-based communications and social networking. These forms of media are used for purposes such as advertising media and also contributed to the information revolution. Thanks to electronic media in developed countries, now people from all over the globe can communicate and share information.

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