January 11th, 2011

Electronic Media Being Used for Communication

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Electronic media is any form of communication in which the audience accesses the content in an electronic form. Electronic media should not be confused with media which are just made with electronics, such as an article which was written on a computer but read in print. In order for it to be considered electronic media, the article would need to be read on an electronic source such as the internet.

Some of the most common forms of electronic media are video recordings, audio recording, slideshows, television and radio broadcasts, telephones, and all content found on the internet. Unlike digital media, electronic media can be in analogue form as well as digital form.

There are several types of electronic media which have been in development over hundreds of years. From as far back as the 18th century, wire transmissions, recording mediums, and signal processing had been predominant electronic mediums. Today, we are most familiar with the wire transmissions of cable (such as with television), wireless mediums such as radio, recording mediums such as CDs and DVDs, and internet electronic mediums including downloading and streaming. There are also interactive electronic mediums such as video games.

Developed countries now rely upon electronic forms of media for communication.  Even in many undeveloped countries and remote areas, there are satellites which make the dispersal of electronic media possible. Electronic media can be used for many things including journalism, marketing, education, art, entertainment, commerce, and much more.

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