December 10th, 2010

Digital Media: More than Just Codes

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Digital media is technically an electronic device that is used for communication which is based on mathematical codes. Today, most digital media uses the binary numerical system.

Most people in developed countries use digital media on a daily basis. However, most do not think of their digital medium as having to do with mathematical codes. These items such as cell phones, CDs, digital cameras, and computers have become so integrated in daily life that now “digital media” usually gets an artistic interpretation rather than a technical interpretation. However, all of these common digital medium are actually responsible for interpreting the digital codes into the information we use such as a song on a CD.

As culture changes due to the influence of technology, artists respond to these changes in their work. That is why digital media has become a widespread form of art in today’s society. Artists use various forms of digital media in order to produce their work that exists as digital video, CD, web sites, animation, images, sounds, or many other forms.

One form of digital media in art which is already prevalent is digital photography. Whereas photographs were taken o film and developed in a dark room, now photos can be taken with a digital camera and then edited on a computer to get the desired result. As the digital media technology expands, more artists are finding creative ways to use it to make work.

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