History of Mass Media and What It’s Become

Mass media is any form of communication which is designed to reach a large audience. The term wasn’t coined until the advent of radio networks in the 1920s. However, forms of mass media have been around for centuries such as web magazine, books and newspapers.

Even though printed material is now a form of mass media, it didn’t become one until the printing press was invented. That is because books were too expensive and time-consuming to produce to ever reach a large audience. With the printing press and other technologies to duplicate media, mass production became possible at a cost low enough for huge audiences to consume. Read the rest of this entry »

What is Hypermedia in Today’s World

Hypermedia is a way of presenting related information together by using hyperlinks to connect them in a format which is usually non-linear and interactive. Hypermedia is often confused with the term multimedia. However, while hypermedia is a type of multimedia, all forms of multimedia are not necessarily hypermedia. For example, the internet is a good example of hypermedia whereas a film is standard multimedia because it does not have hyperlinks. Read the rest of this entry »

Electronic Media Being Used for Communication

Electronic media is any form of communication in which the audience accesses the content in an electronic form. Electronic media should not be confused with media which are just made with electronics, such as an article which was written on a computer but read in print. In order for it to be considered electronic media, the article would need to be read on an electronic source such as the internet. Read the rest of this entry »

Digital Media: More than Just Codes

Digital media is technically an electronic device that is used for communication which is based on mathematical codes. Today, most digital media uses the binary numerical system. Read the rest of this entry »

Broadcasting: From the Fields to the Internet

Broadcasting used to mean “sowing of seeds” over a wide field. Now, broadcasting is thought of as a form of media which aims to reach a large audience. The first broadcasting was actually one telephones and let listeners hear performances through the receiver. It wasn’t until the invention of the radio and TV that broadcasting really began to grow into a massive media. Read the rest of this entry »

The Evolution of Advertising as a Media

As a form of media, advertising can be defined as a way of communicating to an audience in attempt to persuade them to take an action, such as to make a purchase. Modern advertising is usually based on research that is paid for by a company and targeted towards a specific group of people. Read the rest of this entry »

Evolution and Impact of Media and its Forms

Even though the term media is often used in conjecture to mass media or news media, media can be any medium which is used for communication. In fact, the earliest form of media was actually during caveman times when they drew paintings in caves. Keep in mind that media refers to communication through artificial means, not natural ones such as body gestures or speech. Read the rest of this entry »